Breed „Margodeer“ was based in 2001 with coming my first  Deerhound bitch Ahra z Benáteckého křemene. On the beginning  was my idea to give her a new home as a bad cared dog and  as a friend to my Dogo Argentino. When I went to hold her up, it was love at first sight , but in there times only from my side. So we started to learn one from the other – I from her , what it means  the neverbeared inteligence and grandeur of Deerhounds and she by us, how it is wonderful to sleep on the sofa, that of the food is enough and what everything  delicious is possible to steal from the table. When she comes out to be OK, we decided to try some dogshow and the other events you see on the websites. Across everything possible troubles she lives wonderful 13 years and meantime she leaves here her breed successor Atalaya /Beauty Multichampion/ and  further children.

Much thanks to Mrs.Duchková – Irmidu, she takes me among the sighthounds
and Mrs. Mikešová – Z Benáteckého křemene , that she had so much  trust to me and gave me Ahra in care. My target is a happy Deerhound with sleeping on the sofa or running on the track.